Job & business opportunities in the EV sector

The electric vehicle sector saw a 108% increase in employee numbers in the last two years, according to a study.

Engineers dominate the EV market, followed by operators, salespersons, quality assurance specialists, business development specialists, IT specialists, HR specialists, and marketers.

Job opportunities in EV Sector:

1. Electric Vehicle Engineer: Electric vehicle engineers design and develop electric vehicles, their components, and the systems that power them. They also perform research and development on new technologies, such as battery storage and powertrain design.

2. Electric Vehicle Technician: Electric vehicle technicians repair and maintain electric vehicles such as hybrid cars, electric scooters, and electric motorcycles. They diagnose electrical and mechanical problems, perform routine maintenance, and install and repair electric vehicle components. 

3. Electric Vehicle Sales Representative: Electric vehicle sales representatives work in dealerships and other retail outlets to promote and sell electric vehicles. They assist customers in selecting the right vehicle for their needs, answer questions about electric vehicles, and help close sales. 

4. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installer: Electric vehicle charging station installers install, maintain, and repair electric vehicle charging stations. They must be familiar with electrical wiring and the local building codes and regulations. 

5. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network Manager: Electric vehicle charging station network managers are responsible for overseeing the operation of electric vehicle charging station networks. They coordinate with vendors to maintain and upgrade the stations, develop and implement marketing plans, and manage customer accounts.

Business Opportunities in EV Sector:

6. Charging Station Installation: Electric vehicle owners need to charge their cars, so there is a growing demand for charging stations in both residential and commercial areas. This presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to install and service charging stations.

7. Battery Manufacturing: Electric vehicles require specialized batteries that are different from those used in traditional gasoline-powered cars. Setting up a battery manufacturing plant can be a lucrative business opportunity. 

8. Electric Vehicle Components Manufacturing: Electric vehicles require components such as motors, controllers, and inverters. Setting up a manufacturing facility that produces these components can be a great business opportunity.

9. Electric Vehicle Distributorship, EV components distributorship, EV battery distributorship, etc. are some conventional business opportunities in the automotive sector.

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