Certificate Course in 2W & 3W Electric Vehicle Technician

The future belongs to electric automobiles. Electric automobiles are anticipated to be as affordable as fuel-powered vehicles in the near future, with battery prices apparently dropping 73% since 2010. According to the International Energy Agency, up to 70 million electric vehicles will be on the road by 2025.

There is a great need for qualified applicants who have a thorough understanding of EVs and their components as the automotive sectors quickly transition to electric cars. By 2025, the EV industry will be able to provide up to 5 million new job opportunities.

The need for professionals with EV skills will rise along with EV demand, and this is where the MITCON EV course comes into play. That is why we continue to concentrate on developing a workforce with the help of electric vehicle courses with placement for the EV Industry.

Why EV course is perfect for you?

1)  If you’re a student, learning about EV fundamentals, EV architecture, EV components, and Battery will make you stand out in the rapidly growing Indian EV industry of 10 billion US dollar

2) If you’re working in the automobile, mechanical, chemical, or electrical industry, and want to speed up your career graph then an EV course will rocket up your career; since every other company in these fields are set to enter in the EV sector and YOU can stand out.

3) If you’re a business person and looking for an opportunity in the rapidly growing EV industry, it is a must to know how to move forward with a successful venture in the area of electric cars since the conversation automotive market is exponentially turning towards the economical, environmental and robust Electric automotive market.

Why MITCON’s electric vehicle courses

MITCON’s Electric Vehicle Certification Programs provide the most recent information to the aspirants in this sector, compared to the conventional paperback and college curriculum courses which lags behind by 4 years in terms of technology and advancements

• Certified practical labs to get hands-on practical training 

• Job oriented Curriculum

Training Material

• Industry Expert Faculty

• Weekend Batches Available

• 100% Assured Placement Assistance

• Fundamental understanding of Electronic & Electrical Concepts

• Clear understanding of EV Powertrain & components

• Knowledge of Motors Calculations and Controllers

MITCON overview 

1,75,000+ Hours of Training

25+ Lacs Trained students

100+ Courses Available

25+ Training Centers across India

 What you will learn in electric vehicle training courses

You will learn about the EV sector overview, the Indian and global current scenario, and opportunities in the near future. 

Topics covered in the MITCON EV course-

As conventional fuel is soaring high and the need for affordable and clean energy is increasing tremendously, with the surge in Electric Vehicles on the road, the demand for electric vehicle technicians, EV auto consultants, and EV & battery distributors are shooting high in the sky.

Business opportunities

Indian Electric Vehicle Dealership (E-Cycle, 2W, 3W)

EV Spare Parts Distributor

EV Authorized Service Center

Electric Vehicle / Battery Assembly Plant

Authorized Battery Distributor

Charging Station Network Business

Charging Station Sales, Services & Installation Business

Job Opportunities

EV Service Technician

EV Service Executive

Assembly Operator

Sales Executive in EV

EV Service Advisor

EV Powertrain Technician

EV Battery Technician

EV Service Manager

EV Sales Manager

EV Testing Engineer