Advanced Cyber Security and SOC

As there are now billions of devices connected to the internet, new hazards emerge every second as a result of cyber-attacks. Everyone is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks in today’s linked society. According to projections, the worldwide cyber security industry would increase at a 13.4% CAGR from 2022 to 2029, rising from USD 155.83 billion.

Prepare for a career in the high-growth industry of Information Technology, with no prior experience or degree. Put yourself on the fast track to competitively compensated employment by receiving professional training from Industry experts

Whether you want to work in the relatively new realm of cybersecurity as a professional or simply want to safeguard yourself online and on social media, this basic course is for you. It delves into cyber trends, risks, and the wider issue of cybersecurity in a way that is relevant to YOU. 

For example, you’ll discover how to secure your personal privacy online while also learning more about the issues that businesses, governments, and educational institutions face today.

Why cyber security training is a must for your portfolio

A total of 1.5 million jobs are available in the Indian Information Technology sector, and organizations require cyber surveillance to protect themselves from threats. Having a SOC ensures early detection of threats through active, round-the-clock monitoring by trained personnel. In the event of an attack, a timely response minimizes the potential damage. And hence the company is protected from potential losses resulting from unplanned downtime, as well as extensive damage to its infrastructure

So basically this course upgrades you from a regular IT techie to a savior of the organization! Which means “Higher pay”!

Why MITCON’s cyber security course

A career in cybersecurity necessitates a wide range of job-ready abilities. MITCON’s cyber security course program helps you navigate a career path, from individual mentorship sessions to job placement assistance, all while expanding your technical knowledge to give you an advantage over your competitors.

The program’s curriculum satisfies a wide range of job demands that may be seen in the market and was developed under the professional direction of industry leaders. You will acquire the highly sought-after and beneficial EC Council CEH Certification, which will improve your work chances.

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What you will learn in the cyber security course

MITCON’s cyber security course will provide you with the newest training in the fascinating and complex world of cyber security. 

You will gain advanced practical knowledge on how to combat all online dangers, including sophisticated hackers, trackers, malware, and other Internet nasties. Discover the threat environment, which includes the dark web, black markets, exploit kits, zero-day vulnerabilities, malware, phishing, and much more.

Topics covered in MITCON’s cyber security course

Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security 

Network Fundamentals 

Information Gathering, Scanning and Enumeration 

Vulnerability Assessment 

Operating System Penetration 

Testing Malware Viruses and Trojans 

Web Application, Database, Wireless Penetration Testing 


Dark Web 

Indian IT Act

Career Opportunities in Cyber Security

Many career opportunities exist for cybersecurity specialists throughout industries, including banking, education, content management, and IT services. The numerous job responsibilities to begin a career in cybersecurity are listed below.